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D.V. Novak
The reform of the Civil Code has achieved its intended results in terms of the dynamics of civil rights


Request for Taxpayer’s Documents: Looking аor Reasonable Limits

Analytics: Conclusion and Interpretation of the Agreement: New Judicial Practice

A.E. Kirpichev, V.A. Kondratiev
Literal Interpretation of the Agreement by the Court and Qualification of Misprints in the Text of the Agreement

The article considers the peculiarities of literal interpretation of contracts. The authors compare the interpretation of agreements with the interpretation of normative legal acts, and study the possibility of applying the rules on contract interpretation to unilateral transactions. In addition, the article explores techniques that can be used by courts in interpreting the text of n agreement containing typographical and technical errors, as well as the consequences of their identification.

Keywords: contract, interpretation, literal interpretation, typographical error, qualification of the contract

Analytics: Open Forum

A.A. Soloviev
“The Rule of Law as a Law of Rules”: An Essay by A. Scalia

The author is delighted to provide readers with his own translation and comments on the publicly available essay by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia, “The Rule of Law as a Law of Rules” (University of Chicago, 1989). This article seems to be useful not only for researchers, professors, PhD and LLM students, but also for judges, court officials, advocates, practicing lawyers, and all those interested in the range of issues it covers.

Keywords: Antonin Gregory Scalia, US Supreme Court, rule of law, theory of originalism, judicial law-making and law enforcement, actual circumstances

V.P. Sorokin
Implementing the Principle of Fair Trial in Arbitration Proceedings

The author explores main forms of implementing the principle of fair trial both in arbitration and within the framework of interaction between arbitration and state courts. Current judicial practice, Russian and foreign legislation are analysed in order to give appropriate recommendations on how the existing legislation on arbitration might be improved.

Keywords: arbitration trial, principle of justice, functions of assistance and control

P.M. Morkhat
Matrimonial Property: Conflicts of Bankruptcy and Family Laws

The article analyses the key conflicts of family law and bankruptcy law with respect to the institution of private bankruptcy. The author examines the current regulations in the context of the objectives stated by the law enforcement authorities in finding a balance of interests of creditors and family members of the debtor-bankrupt when foreclosing on the property belonging to the latter and dividing the common property of spouses. Having considered the most illustrative court cases, as well as the relevant practice of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the author notes the main trends in judicial practice and names topical problems that have been solved neither by legislator nor by courts.

Keywords: bankruptcy of a citizen, marital property, bankruptcy assets, marriage contract, alimony payment agreement, unique home, property regime

E.K. Stepanenko
Impact of Foreign Sanctions: Court Practice Review

The sanctions imposed by the EU and the United States against the Russian Federation have had a significant impact on the performance of a number of civil law obligations involving Russian persons. The article summarises the established practice of Russian courts in applying Russian legal norms to relations affected by the sanctions.

Keywords: EU sanctions, US sanctions, practice of Russian courts

Court Practice Reviews

Analysis and Generalisation of Court Practice in Cases of Non-Contractual and Unaccounted Electricity Consumption: A Report

Review of the Practice of Application of Articles 10, 11 and 16 of the Federal Law of 26.07.2006 No. 135-FZ “On Protection of Competition” by the Arbitrazh Court of the Moscow District

Minutes of the Working Group Meeting Discussion of the Practice of Application of the Arbitrazh Procedure Code of the Russian Federation No. 166

Scientific Advisory Council

Protocol decision of the Presidium of the Arbitrazh Court of the Moscow District No. 41

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