About the journal

The openness and transparency of commercial courts is an essential requirement for the stable development of civil commerce.

Everyone involved in entrepreneurial activities needs to fully grasp the rules of the game. Everyone needs to know the rights they are entitled to and feel sure these rights are guaranteed to be defended.

It’s no secret that our legal system has long since stopped being exclusively continental. Legal precedent is now used as the basis for legal interpretation by practicing lawyers and legal experts.

The Moscow District Commercial Court plays a key role in shaping consistent case-law practice, setting an example for courts and practicing legal professionals based in both the Central Region and across Russia.

Our journal, the Moscow District Commercial Court Bulletin, plays an important role in ensuring an open and transparent nature of legal proceedings.

On its pages you will find not only official information released by the court (such as news, reviews of legal practices, analytical insights and so on), but also research articles by leading legal professionals and researchers, which will help the members of the legal community to hear each other, understand what issues we are facing and analyze the trends in legal practice.

Editor-in-Chief of the Moscow District Commercial Court Bulletin